BA in 3BR House - looking for roomie

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San Jose, CA, USA
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Offering an entire place
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Location is a privately owned town home (BA) residence in Japantown. Walkable to public transportation (Bus/VTA/CAL), cheap Uber ride to SJ airport/downtown, lots of amazing restaurants, bars, ethnically diverse markets and a brewery in walking distance. We don’t have a car so the garage is all you if you need — otherwise it’s storage until someone wants to do something cool with it. Oh it’s also located next to a pretty near park, so that’s pretty cool I guess.

We are two twenties young tech professionals (/M) looking for another chill Roomie to backfill a spot in our 2 year lease (/) unfortunately Covid is forcing him to relocate out of state for new work opportunities. We are both from out of state and have been living here for the past few years. We keep clean and expect the shared areas to stay that way (I don’t care about your private space). I work from home currently due to all the madness in the world and my other roommate works overnights so it’s pretty chill, quiet and laid back. If we’re not working we are lounging around with watching movies/tv or video games with the occasional drink here and there.

As this is a long term lease (might be able to work with you if that doesn’t work) we are requiring another financially stable professional who will be able to pass a credit check and work verification. Would like to keep the rent at , but will be willing to work with you.

If you’re interested in more details, want pictures or want to video chat meet/tour you’re more than welcome to send me a message.
Furnished: No
Apartment Size: 1400