Successful man seeks lifelong submissive wife

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Downers Grove, IL, USA
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I am a very successful man that seeks his ultimate submissive wife and housewife.
You never work agin in your life and are taken care of like a princess.
Your given the best of everything.
But a yes daddy anything he wishes girl.
Your job is to literally do and allow anything I wish want ask need order and follow my rules.
You get a family home kids lifelong commitment love loyalty.
You put me and my needs first before you and than I do the same.
Your home beautiful available taking care of wife things.
Enjoy woman around to help and serve you.
And a man that’s very intelligent loyal loving caring kind sweet but also a dominating dominant sex based man.
Interested let me know
You come to life with me have a lifelong commitment and loyalty.
And that’s it
Be a good girl do what your told and asked
Give your best
And you never work again in your life other than being home taking care of your man kids and family.
We love games movies nature animals beach family things.
My boys are and visit every other weekend.
You get taken shopping often
Have anything you need and most the things you want.
Have freedom and can have hobbies.
Just I and my boys your duties and the home comes first.z
Household age: 18 - 99
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Age:18 - 99