Need Room in Temecula Area ASAP !!!

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Temecula, CA, USA
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Looking for a private room
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Jun 8, 2021
Good Day,
My name is Forrest. I am retired and live on a fixed income that never varies, but is more than enough to easily afford monthly rent payments after the few monthly bills I have. I have proof of income to show I am financially able to pay my rental obligation in addition I have proof of my credit scores to prove my financial standing, as well as a report from Chex, a rental agency database.

I do not do drugs, smoke pot, and drink very little. I have no criminal record & have always paid my rent or mortgage on time. I have no girlfriend(s), no pet(s), never have visitors as all my friends live in Oregon, Utah or NorCal.

I need a room for months maximum, after which I plan to move to Utah. I will be having major back surgery that cannot be scheduled until I find a place to live within the Temecula area. The move must be completed prior to my surgery as I will be physically restricted after surgery and during recuperation to lift anything, & will be required to take it easy for months during recuperation, during which time I will not need assistance whatsoever. I am now, and will be, self-sufficient after surgery. I need a place that is quiet and has no drama within the home. I pretty much will be confined to my room which I normally reside in anyway. You won’t even know I am present in your home.

I can move in right away at ANY time, temporarily staying with a friend in Escondido until I find a room in which to call home. PLEASE reply to my inquiry one way or the other. The biggest hurdle I have found is that only one out of ten people return my rental availability inquiries, so it has become very frustrating. I humbly ask that you PLEASE reply one way or the other. It is critical that I find a room ASAP. I look forward to your reply.
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Age:18 - 99
Students Only:No