Rian Taylor 😇

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Lawrenceville, GA, USA
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Looking for a private room
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Hi I’m Rian Taylor, nice to meet you! I am years old looking for a private room and bathroom to rent out within the next month. I have no evictions, but my credit is not the best. I was hoping we could work something out as far as a deposit or something for me to get the room because I make very good money now that I’m getting my life back right, and will have no issues any bills. Please get back to me if this is something that you would be able to work out with me or be interested in. Thank you! I can provide paystub’s, and bank statements to show you how much I’m making. Or a Guarantor! And I can move in my May 1st! Looking for friendly, no pets.
Roommate preference
Age:21 - 35
Students Only:No