New to BHM, looking for a roomie!

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Five Points East, Irondale, AL, USA
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Looking for a private room
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Transplanted from HSV to BHM a few weeks ago. Looking for a spare room available in a vibrant part of town I can occupy on a shorter-term basis (at least 6 months until I familiarize myself with this city). I travel half the month for my job, so think about it - with me as your roommate, you’ve basically got your very own place at least two weeks out of every month. When I’m in town, I’m up early at the gym, office all day, and BJJ at night before crashing back in my room (no energy for late-night shenanigans, but will NOT be a jerk and party poop your fun you want to have houseguests/gatherings/etc as a fellow occupant of the unit (aka no cockblocking, don’t worry).
Someone who’s quiet, barely around, always pays everything on time, and not a bad hang either when I am around… Sweet gig if you ask me! Message me if you’re interested in chatting about any openings.
Roommate preference
Age:18 - 45
Students Only:No