Looking for room in sep/oct

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North Aurora, IL, USA
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Looking for a private room
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Hi! I’m looking for a room to rent, starting in September-October. I’m non binary, so i’d be more comfortable living with other people in the LGBTQ+ community or ally’s. I am fully vaxxed. I don’t currently have any personal pets but I really want to get a cat. I can’t upgrade the app right now, so you can message me on f.b. (Grayson Bartosz) or on i.g.
(graysonsreality). i’m thinking about going to college for social work, i want to be a social worker for foster kids, as a former foster kid it’s something i’m really passionate about. it takes me a while to loosen up around people, i tend to stay to myself and be really quiet at first. i vape, but trying to quit. i don’t drink much, and when i do it’s usually just one drink. i don’t smoke weed anymore but weed friendly. i’m into witchy stuff (tarot, crystals, etc.) i’m plus size but i am trying to lose weight(i just wanted to include that bc i know how some people are.) i like all animals, if you have any reptiles that’s a plus. i love harry potter and marvel. i like all music except heavy metal.
Roommate preference
Age:18 - 30
Students Only:No