Nerd looking for new home.

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97202, Portland, OR, USA
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Looking for a private room
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My roommate passed away on the 4th of April and I can no longer afford the place on my own. So I'm hoping to find somewhere in the zip code where I work in order to make life a bit easier.

I'm a computer nerd who takes a lot of pride in my work-station (computer desk) and spend a lot of time on there either working on playing games.

I also am a big comic book nerd, and a anime/manga nerd. My real passion is gaming and the gaming community. I'm an advocate for indy developers and believe in gaming as an artform.

As for roommate potential. I clean up after myself. I'm quiet, respectful, i have good credit and rental history. I don't mind deep cleaning but am not the best at it.

If you have any questions for me i am very open, and dont get offended easily. I am also friendly.
Roommate preference
Age:25 - 99
Students Only:No

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