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Center City East, Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Looking for a private room
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I’m a single mom currently living in Florida and I work up in Philly for about a week each month. I own my own home in FL and have plenty of wonderful references. I’m here to find a place to stay and a safe place keep my bike in Center city Philly to make things easier when I’m up there for work or events.

I grew up in West Philly so I know the area really well. I’m just looking for a place to stay while I’m up there each month. It’ll predominantly be me, with an occasional guest and perhaps my awesome kids (I have 2 very well behaved sons) for a week or two in the summertime.

I keep a very tidy and clean space and I usually prepare about two meals a day. I’m self-sufficient and do not require any entertaining etc. I’m also quite handy (I ran a residential remodeling business for decades).
I am quiet and considerate, and I usually cook/prepare meals at least twice a day. I will pay on time each month, even if I am not back in Philly each month. I love animals, kids, and building community.
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Age:18 - 99
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