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Sunnyvale, CA, USA
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Looking for a private room
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My name is Tim and I am years old working in computer vision/machine learning as a research scientist. By the end of the year I will (hopefully) finish my Ph.D. at the Technical University in Munch. Until then I will give the corporate world a try and intern at Meta in Sunnyvale. I have been living in Munich since (Until now you probably figured that I am German.) and mostly in shared living arrangements. Hence, I am quite used to sharing all the rights and obligations that come with it. What started for financial reasons when I moved out from home is more of a lifestyle choice today. Probably going straight from living with friends to moving in with my spouse. At one point in the future. The internship will unfortunately keep me quite busy during the week but I am very much looking forward to explore the bay area at the weekends. And I am looking forward even more to not do this alone. Hence, I am skipping the Meta corporate housing (the word alone gives me chills) hoping to not only connect with people from work or other interns but get to know some locals.

My interests In no particular order: Eating/Cooking and going out with friends. Museums and concerts. Comedy shows are not a big thing in Germany. (Mainly cause they .) So, I would like to get into that. Yoga and hiking.

If anything of what I said resonated with you I would be very happy to meet you guys in person (aka. via Zoom) to get to know each other a bit more!
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