Spare room

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Goodna, QLD, Australia
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Looking for a private room
Move-in Date
Ideally a fairly spacious room (at least 3m)
with decent natural lighting, and the place is kept very clean/ well kept. If there is room for a dirt bike (it would be cleaned after every ride) either in a shed/ garage that would be ideal as I’m looking to get another one in the future as I’ve left mine behind in Melbourne, and some trailer room out the front (for a small trailer).

I’m looking for a short term stay (3
with potential for longer term

A bit about myself;
I like to spend most of the day out when I'm not at work, when home I tend to keep to myself and am considerate of others privacy but also value having a good relationship with my other house mates.

I’ve always cleaned up after myself and do my fair share around the house.

I also enjoy dirtbikes, riding bikes, and a bunch of other random hobbies, I have a couple of friends up here but am pretty much a freshie so keen to get out and explore the place .

If you have any questions please feel free to shoot me a message :)
Roommate preference
Age:18 - 28
Students Only:No