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Sylmar, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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My name is Katherine. I go by Kat. I've been a Bookkeeper for about 5 years. I have a steady job where they love me. I'm smart, a neat freak and I love learning new things and reading.

I'm looking for a private entrance place that would accomodate a cat in the future, have air conditioning and will occasionally allow overnight guest with prior notice and approval.

I'll hardly be around. I love working out in the field, crunching numbers as well as pushing paper. Haha. I'm mindful, respectful and considerate of other people's need for space, peace and serenity. I value the sound of silence, too. I'm not a party person, I don't believe I ever was. I'm too focus on the bigger things that matter like planning for today and my future. Also, accomplishing what I set out for myself no matter how tiny or significant the goal is. I'm still building and reinforcing the structure of my path on this road we call life.

Here are a few quirks about me:

1.) I have a low tolerance threshold for mess & clutter

2.) I will talk to your pets in a high pitched/baby voice. I love animals.

3.) I am trustworthy, transparent and forthcoming, so I'm expecting you are, too.

4.) I believe communication is key to any relationship in all aspects.

5.) If you studied the Meyers Briggs Personality Types, I'm an ENFJ. I encourage you to challenge yourself and take the personality test to enable you to be more self-aware to those positive and not-so-positive attributes you've attained. We're all a work in progress.

Well, if you read this fqr chances are we may be a good fit to cohabitate. Bless you for reading.
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Age:28 - 100
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