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Vancouver, WA, USA
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Looking for a private room
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Hello! My name is Melissa and looking for housing for myself and my pets. I have a year old aussie dog who is my soul dog. He is very well behaved and good with all animals. I also have 2 cats who are super obedient kitties. They love lasers and looking out windows and are very good with other cats and dogs.

I am an EMT who works with a private company servicing a lot of big construction clients and landscaping companies. I do a lot of local traveling for work so my dog comes with me to work a lot of the time. I work a stable job with verifiable income. I love going camping and hiking when its not pouring rain and I also love to read and write poetry.

I have a clean record and do not smoke or drink excessively. I am currently trying to downsize to a room from a 1 bedroom apartment so I do have a storage unit currently.
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