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Vancouver, WA, USA
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Looking for a private room
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I’m just a guy. Standing in front of a girl. Wondering why this line is taking so long at 3am. Served 6 years in the army so, you know. I keep things clean. I work nights so clearly I care about my mental health. I know what you’re thinking. This guy sleeps during the day… I’m not trying to tone down my daily activities. And to that I say. I’ve slept through rocket attacks so unless you’re doing construction on my bed frame there’s nothing to worry about. I’m very flexible! I love living with roommates, but I’m also comfortable with keeping to myself. My next home will be a van (cliché I know) but my current roommates need space for some new people so I’m looking to be your new favorite roommate! To learn more about me you can buy my new book “I Have No Clue What’s Going On”… or you can shoot me a message. Yeah that’s probably easier. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Age:18 - 45
Students Only:No