Room wanted for my dog and me!

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Seattle, WA, USA
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Looking for a private room
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Hi, I'm Will, and I am looking for a room for my dog and myself.

I work in the beer industry and have been for years. I work at Counterbalance Brewing Company during the week as their sales representative, and I pour beer at Lucky Envelope Brewing on the weekends. I have lived around Seattle since .

More importantly, my dog on ). He's getting old, so he follows me around and sleeps. When he's not sleeping, he's looking for friends and food. I have a gate to keep him in my room. That way, he's visible in an emergency when I am not home. He's great with other dogs and cats and will love you too.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, movies/shows, hiking, hanging with my dog, and playing video games. I got a smoker last fall, so smoked meats are in your future. Did I mention that I work at two breweries? So yes, beer is also in your future.

I have previously lived in community housing. It's how I have been able to live in Seattle for so long. So, I understand the importance of respecting shared spaces and other housemates' needs. Therefore, I will clean up after myself and respect the community of the house.


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