Cheltenham Room for rent

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Nepean Highway, Cheltenham, VIC, Australia
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Offering a room
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The house is located within walking distance from Chelt station and Southland ( mins max). The house is in a great location and there is plenty of street parking available
We have a nice outdoor decking area that we have enjoyed drinks, and it gets a very nice view of the sunset!
*we also have a kebab shop across the road for those drunken feeds
The house has an amazing heating and cooling!
About us:- Matt- He is a secondary school teacher, loves a music festival and enjoys hanging with mates on the weekend. Also plays basketball and loves the gym. He will definitely be down to hit the town with you if that’s in your interest.

Ronan- Works as a bartender, so can make a mean cocktail. He is also formerly a barber. Very into gaming, and is always down to watch a movie or tv show.

Jas- Jas works with dogs, and has a Dalmatian called Luna. We often have other pups staying with us. So if you like dogs this is the house for you! Jas also enjoys watching movies and tv shows
Household age: 18 - 29
People in household: 3
Household Sex: Co-ed
Utilities Cost: 300
Roommate preference
Age:18 - 30
Students Only:No