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Sacramento, CA, USA
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Hi everyone! A potential roommate and I are in search of other interested girlies in search of a room for rent. We are looking to rent a house with at least 4 bedrooms. Move in date being August 1st. We’ve done a bit of math and have estimated most homes would range from about
hundred to twelve-hundred a month depending on room size preferred as well as budget ability. The preferred lease would be twelve months and the home would be in and around the Sacramento area. The homes we have looked at all have 2 car garage (street parking for multiple cars) spacious common areas, wood floors (easier to maintain), in safe neighborhoods (as we’re all females). I’m ridiculously picky on this as I enjoy jogging and going for walks etc. She has a puppy to walk as well.
Some homes are in communities so renting will be stricter. In this sense, we’re specifically looking for any interested to preferably have good credit and experience with living with others (preferably roommates to have an understanding of courtesy, respect, and great communication), and able to pass a background test. Pets are okay so long as up-kept with health and spaying-neutering. A little bit more about us: we are both students and work multiple jobs as well. She is Pre-Med and I am Pre-Law. With this in mind we are very focused on being responsible, especially near exam times. A home is a home. A club is a club. Open to gatherings with notice and approval with majority vote. This doesn’t mean we’re imposed to having a full of life character- we actually very much are (you will see me with a glass of wine in the evenings). No smoking inside, we are Cannabis
friendly. I can’t have any sorts of THC in my system. It will ruin my current standing. We also are imposing an in house contract. We hope any who are interested can grow with us and be pretty much friends. (Health conscious and motivated). Let’s get these degrees and careers! 🥂
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Age:18 - 30
Students Only:No