Snake owner looking to move to MO

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Missouri, USA
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Looking for a private room
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Hi! I’m interested in being your potential roommate- I’m LGBT, and very open minded. Personally, I’m nonbinary and gay, and have a bit of a plethora of mental illnesses. Most notably, while undiagnosed, my therapist believes I have MPD, so that will be something important for you to know. I’m currently in a long term, long distance relationship and looking to turn it into a close distance relationship, which is why I’m looking to move up to Missouri. I’m and neutral on drugs and alcohol, as long as whoever is under the influence doesn’t mess up anything of mine or force the substance upon me. 
I currently have a pet ball python in a ft enclosure who feeds on frozen-thawed rats, so it’s not like any live rodents enter the household. 
Other things about myself: I mostly do art in my spare time, and tend to keep to myself, but i’ve been growing more outgoing in the past few years! I’m currently working a seasonal position in New Braunfels, Texas, but I do have a few jobs I’ve applied for in your area that I’ll gladly jump ship to go work for. I don’t yet have a line of credit, and this would be my first rental since I’ve only lived with family. However, I am willing to provide both my resume to show that I have work history, and an additional deposit so it’s not a total bust for you. Currently, I’m in the application process for quite a few positions in Missouri.
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Age:18 - 100
Students Only:No