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San Bernardino, CA, USA
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There’s myself and husband and we have two daughters. I know it sounds like a lot but let me explain. I have a 5 year old daughter and I have her 3 nights a week. My husband has a daughter but we get her during school breaks. We share a car so we won’t be taking up too much space and we don’t have any pets (besides the kids). My husband and I are normally quiet people. We both work during the day and my husband finds peace with yard work. Since we are married there will not be any in and outs with random people. We normally go to our families houses to visit rather then the other way around. I’m look to move in at the beginning of next month, my roommate/ sister will be having a baby soon so I decided to give up my current room for a nursery. We are currently $ in rent/ utilities but we are willing to go up in price a little bit up to $ max. I have never been late with rent and I don’t cause any problems to my surroundings if so I like to deescalate and come up with a solution. We don’t have to be buddies, we don’t have to hang out or cook together. My husband and I stick to ourselves for the most part. Please feel free to DM me,
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Age:18 - 100
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