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Buena Park Drive, Houston, TX, USA
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I’m the landlord. I live about a min drive away. I work from home as a web developer for an alumni association. When I’m not working, I’m working on personal projects and streaming on Twitch.


Furnished with a queen size bed and dresser and your own bathroom


A couple cars can park on the driveway provided you and the other tenant organize it. Otherwise, you can park along the curb. We have gigabit internet. Washer and dryer are available for you to use at the house. You can cook if you want to, but just keep it clean and make a good effort to make sure the house doesn’t smell like food. I have cleaning cycles setup so we know exactly who will clean which week.

If you’re interested contact me. If the interest is mutual, I’ll run a background check on you. That costs $fo.rty tw.o. I have primary bedroom available for $se.ven fif.ty per month and another smaller bedroom available for $fi.ve se.venty fi.ve per month (periods added intentionally because wipes out numbers for some stupid reason). If background check looks good, we’ll move ahead. Room is available now.


Looking for a full time student, full time professional, or some mix of the two. Looking for someone who keeps clean. You clean up your own messes in the kitchen and bathroom after you finish. Don’t leave things lying around the house. You’re not noisy and disturb other tenants. That’s basically what I’m looking for.

Charles does carpentry. Zachary moved from Florida. He works for remotely for an eSports company.
Furnished: No
Apartment Size: 1420

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