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Danville, IL, USA
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Looking for a private room
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Hi I’m Ian but i go by faylek I’m looking for somewhere ik will be permanent at least till i can either get back on my feet or what have u. I was kicked out of my home for so really dumb reasons witch id be happy to go into more detail if u request i do cook and clean and a fairly quiet person or at least i try to be. I wont be able to pay upfront but i am looking for a job and willing to pay my whole paycheck when i get it to make up for it. a bit tech savvy so I work on computers and stuff a lot also a vr enthusiast so i do play vr quite often in my spare time but that might not be the case when i get my job my work always comes first and imma be focused on getting a ged so ye
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Age:18 - 35
Students Only:No