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Atlanta, GA, USA
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Offering a room
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Hi my name is Kayla I have a bath I'm looking to rent out one of my rooms because my previous roommate have moved out I'm looking to rent to room as soon as possible I have a 3-year-old son and a very clean and home welcoming environment during the day I work and go to school and on the weekends I spend my time at home with my son the room is $ a month it's a security deposit in the $ application fee all utilities are included in the rent so if you're interested in moving immediately please feel free to message me honestly I don't care what time you go to sleep or what time you get in as long as me and my son can rest peacefully it's not many rules to follow in a pets are welcome and if you move in this month rent will not be due again until April 1st
Household age: 18 - 100
Household Sex: Female
Move-in Fee:1000
Roommate preference
Age:18 - 100
Students Only:No