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Charlotte, NC, USA
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Looking for a private room
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Hello, My name is Fetlange and I'm interested in renting a room in your place. I'm a responsible and respectful individual who believes in shared responsibilities, especially when it comes to living with others. I believe in sharing chores and expenses equally among roommates, and I am open to discussing these matters during monthly round tables.

As for shared spaces, I am committed to keeping them clean and organized so that we can all enjoy a comfortable living environment. I believe in splitting the fridge and spice cabinets so that everyone has their own space and can keep track of their own groceries.

When it comes to my personal space, I believe in keeping it tidy and clean, and I won't take up too much space in common areas with my personal belongings. Overall, I'm a friendly and easy-going person who is looking forward to potentially living with like-minded individuals who value shared responsibility and respect.
Additionally, I'd like to mention that while I enjoy socializing with my roommates and building a positive living environment, I also consider myself an ambivert who values my alone time to recharge. I don't typically go out often, but on occasion, I may have overnight guests. I will, of course, be respectful of my roommates' schedules and preferences when it comes to having guests over.

I believe that open communication and respect for each other's personal space and time are key to a harmonious living situation. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to potentially sharing a home with you.
I also want to emphasize that while I consider myself a humanist and value diversity, I strongly believe in core values such as respect, kindness, and inclusivity.
However, it is important to me that all individuals in the household are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their race, gender, or sex orientation. Thank you for understanding, and I hope we can find a mutually beneficial living arrangement.
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Age:23 - 60
Students Only:No