Master Bedroom on **Private Floor**

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Maypole Fields, Stourbridge, England, United Kingdom
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This Master Bedroom with Private Bath is available on it's own private floor (top floor). My room is on a separate floor (2nd floor), so it's almost like we have two separate apartments. The bedroom also has a HUGE walk-in closet. Rent includes FULL CLEANING SERVICE every 6 weeks. I have had the same cleaning team for years, and they are very reliable and trustworthy. This condo is located in the NorthPark Square neighborhood, so all association benefits are also included: Gardeners, Exterior Painting and Maintenance, Multiple Swimming Pools, many parks, etc. The Property Management takes care of any interior maintenance.

We have an IN-UNIT WASHER AND DRYER. All common area privileges (kitchen, living room, dining room) are completely open for use. There is also tons of storage space, and you will have more than half of the garage for your car and storage (photo of your half of the garage is featured in the Photos Section). The common areas are fully furnished, but you are welcomed to add your own touch as well. Respectful Guests are welcomed. The neighborhood is peaceful and calm, and I have known the immediate neighbors for years.

Now a little more about me..... I am a professional Software Engineer. I have worked for the same company for years, and continue to grow my carrier with this company. I am a very active person, and spend most of my time outside of work exercising, visiting friends and going on trips. I rarely have guests over, and if I do, it is only my best of friends. I never have parties at the house. I prefer to go out with friends. Over the years, I have had both Male and Female roommates from all walks of life, and their ages ranging from their s to their s. The eldest roommate I ever had told me I was "the best roommate ever". So that gives some perspective on how respectful I am as a roommate. I am looking for a professional who wants to enjoy a peaceful, respectful roommate arrangement. I look forward to meeting you.
Household age: 41 - 42
People in household: 1
Household Sex: Male
Utilities Cost: 120
Roommate preference
Age:18 - 99