Cali Gay Guy starting over in Vegas

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Las Vegas, NV, USA
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Looking for a private room
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I am putting feelers out. Siblings and I sold our childhood home last year and I’ve been staying with and helping an elderly family friend since. I was my Mothers full time caregiver before she passed and just trying to get back to life again. She was my best friend. 🫶🏻 Planning to move to Vegas in Mid/Late Sept to start over somewhere new. Siblings & Majority of my long time friends have moved out of state including brother and friend who are in Vegas . I am fun. Funny. Good personality. Gay.. I am usually very quiet and to myself but would be great to have a new friend as well. I would be looking for work once I move. I have savings so rent is no problem. Excellent credit as well. I also am an approved Door Dasher if it came down to it. (Over it though :P) I’d prefer my own bathroom and laundry use available within the dwelling. I actually just got back from seeing Kelly Clarkson in Vegas and visiting my friend. :). I do drink seltzers and sometimes use edibles to chill out. I look forward to starting over in a new state with a dope new roomie. :-) Furnished is a plus and preferred because I got rid of my bedroom furniture when we sold our home and currently stay with a family friend. I’d like to just drive from Cali with my Clothes and knick knacks and not have to worry about furnishing my room when I get there lol. My friend lives in Spring Valley so that area would be preferred. is m-a-r-i-a-h-s-l-a-m-b-y I look forward to hearing from ya :-)
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Age:23 - 100
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