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Find a Roommate in Atlanta GA

Whether you call it “Hotlanta”, “Atlanna”, “The ATL” or simply Atlanta, there are plenty of good reasons to call Atlanta your home. In fact, more than 5.5 million people now live in the Atlanta metro. Though Atlanta has a relatively low median home value, the median rent price is $1,300 causing many people to look for a roommate in Atlanta to save some money.

Like many big cities, how far you are from work might be a key consideration when looking for a roommate. Traffic going in and out of the city in rush hour can be brutal. Many major corporations like Coca-cola, CNN, Delta Airlines, UPS and Home Depot call Atlanta home, no doubt adding to the traffic congestion. The Marta, Atlanta’s train system, doesn’t reach most of the residential areas around the city, so it isn’t much help if you live OTL or Outside The Loop. If commute time is important to you, make sure you figure out your potential commute before you look for a place to live.

Once you have figured out the general area of where you want to live, it is time to start looking for a roommate. Make yourself a list of qualities you are looking for in a roomie. Things like smoking, cleanliness, pets, sleeping habits, work schedule and if they are a Braves fan should be on your list.

It is always a great idea to ask friends and family around Atlanta for some roommate recommendations. They know you better than anyone, so there is a chance they might know someone that might be a good living companion for you.

If you are new to the area, you might be a little confused when you get phone numbers from potential roommates. There are three major area codes used in Atlanta – 404, 678 and 770. Many people just write the first digit of their area code when giving out their phone number. So if that happens to you, remember the actual area code or you won’t be able to call them.

Another popular option is searching for a roommate online. While many people turn to the Atlanta Craigslist Page, it can be a bit sketchy. Thankfully there are many alternative websites dedicated to helping you find the best roommate for you. Roommate searching sites like even have verified members with links to their social profiles so you can get a good idea who the person is, who their friends are and much more. Currently, roomster has more than 200 private rooms for rent in the Atlanta area.

Once you narrow down your potential roommate list, you probably want to meet in person before making a commitment. Choose somewhere in public and bring a friend if you feel uncomfortable or just want a second opinion. Atlantans have a deep love of the Waffle House, so that might be a great option to vet your list.

Once you find the right person, prepare a roommate agreement so you know what your responsibilities are. The agreement includes things like cooking, cleaning, groceries, etc. Your air conditioner will be on 24/7 nearly 365, so making sure you know who is responsible for the utilities is very important. Keep in mind that a vague roommate agreement may lead to problems later on, so be specific.

With lots of things to do, many employment opportunities, and a different festival seemingly every week, you are sure to love living in Atlanta.

Lastly, figure out how you are going to say Atlanta.

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