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Find a Roommate in Chicago IL

Chicago has a secret that only people that live there know, renting an apartment is very affordable for some beautiful places to live in. Statistically, the median gross rent is $200 a month less than living in NY, and your money goes a lot further.  On top of that, the city is exceptionally clean unlike many other large cities in America.

Finding a Chicago roommate affords you to live in places New Yorkers only dream about. Not only do you not pay the brokers fee in “Chi-town” for renting, you can also find a wide variety of affordable places to live. Choose from one of the many beautiful buildings with classic architecture downtown, houses in Lincoln Park/Lakeview, or Condo’s with pools, gyms and even tennis courts! 

There is no shortage of great lives to live in Chicago. You will want to check out places like Bucktown, Wicker Park, Gold Coast, Hyde Park, and River North – home to the tallest residential skyscraper in the western hemisphere. Depending on where you work, access to the elevated “L” Trains may be important to you. Love shopping? Living near the “Magnificent Mile” of North Michigan Avenue between Oak Street and the Chicago River may be right up your alley.

With more than 2.7 million residents, there are sure to be many excellent choices when searching for a roommate in Chicago. Like any other city, there are things you want to do to help make your roommate search as smooth as possible

The first step in finding a roommate is to ask friends and family for some roommate recommendations. Since they know you best, there is a chance they might know someone that might be a good living companion for you. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.

Whether you are moving to Chicago or looking for a new place to live, searching for a roommate online is a popular option. While many people turn to Craigslist, it can be a bit sketchy, thankfully there are many alternative websites dedicated to helping you find the best person for you. Roommate searching sites like roomster even have verified members with links to their social profiles so you can get a good idea who the person is, who their friends are and much more.

Once you narrow down the list, you are going to want to meet in person before making a commitment. Choose somewhere in public and bring a friend if you feel uncomfortable or just want a second opinion. Sharing a world famous deep dish pizza could be the perfect way to vet your potential new living companion.

Once you find the right person, prepare a roommate agreement, so you know what your responsibilities are. This includes things like cooking, cleaning, groceries, etc. Keep in mind that a vague roommate agreement may lead to problems later on.

The secret is out. Chicago is an excellent and affordable place to live. Start your Chicago roommate search today.

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