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Hi I'm Rinako. I'm from Osaka. I work in fashion and music. and now I started to teach yoga as a Side. I've lived abroad in couple of countries such as Hongkong/ Singapore and Toronto. I love traveling and meet new people all the time. I'm really extrovert. I used to be a super host on airbnb. my place I've been living there for 8 years now. it is the best location and most part I like about my place is so many trees and greens around of my apartment. the view you won't believe that its in the heart central of tokyo. it gives you a feeling that you're in Bali or something. thats why I have been living here for 8 years! let me know if you have any questions! unfortunately I can't really see the message here! i would appreciate if you could send through ! mine is (all small letter of L)→lllrinacolll at
thank you :)