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San Antonio
Hi there! My name is Clarissa and I've lived in Austin for the last 4 years. I have a sweet beagle/doberman mix rescue dog named Leon :) I have a fully furnished home and bedroom and looking for a roommate to join our home! I run a social media agency full-time as well as do event and brand promotions locally in Austin. My schedule is all over the place and I'm usually out and about at night, catching concerts or events locally, or traveling to music festivals or to see friends! Music is my passion but I never bring the party home. My home is my sanctuary and I'm pretty private with the occasional visitor.

Leon is my heart and a big sweetheart and loves to cuddle with me and will follow you everywhere in the house! Totally open to having another dog and playmate for him! We have a big backyard as well so they can run around and he's house trained so the house is still very people friendly!

The room you have would include a bed and is considered the "master bedroom" with your own personal bathroom and shower. We have an alarm system as well and there's a garage available for your car as well as a storage unit to house any thing you need! Tons of cooking supplies as well to cook, towels etc. Move-in Ready!!! :)
The utilities are $150 and includes Fiber for wi-fi, HBO & Showtime as well, water, gas, electricity and trash.