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Hello! I'm looking for a roommate to share my Upper West Side 2 bedroom apt. Rent is $1450/Mo with a 1 year minimum lease and a move in date of Aug. 1, 2020 but flexible. I'm a very low-key roommate in my 30's. I work in the beauty industry on a 9-5 schedule and my office will likely re-open in Sept, so for now I'm working from home. During the day I'd be in my room working and in the evenings I cook and clean or relax. Pre-Covid I would travel to CA 3-5x/yr and socialize with coworkers/friends after work sometimes. I was going to yoga and dance classes as well. I'm super mindful of noise, a person's schedule, I'm flexible and take things as they come. I’m looking for someone respectful, kind, considerate and chill.